I am Charles Vantanajal a licensed chiropractor, manual therapist, and a Titleist Performance Institute certified Medical Professional. Inspired by my obsession to find a repeatable and dependable golf swing, I have decided to venture into the world of sports medicine and performance research. I'm an observational researcher, dedicating my life to exploring and researching the processes and mechanisms underlying our body and how we interact with the physical world we live in. I have travelled the world receiving extensive world-class mentoring that has guided me towards pursuing my research. To read more about my world-class mentoring and certifications click here

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My Current Research Project: Bridging the gap between feel and real.

If you carry an official "Handicap Index" consider volunteering to participate in my current golf performance-based research project. For your participation receive a FREE TPI Body Swing Connection Screen with a Titleist Performance Institute certified assessor and FREE access to, the leader in golf performance with the largest online source of golf instruction, drills, and exercises to choose from. 

You will be asked to complete a TPI Body Swing Connection screen, followed by 3 trials of a perceptual accuracy task involving assessing your perception of CoP (center of pressure) location, followed by a maximum of 10-minute warmup and finally, an efficiency screen involving striking your 6 iron three times. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.