A Bit About Me

"It's better to know then to try" Sir Nick Faldo

I am Charles Vantanajal a licensed Chiropractor, Manual Therapist, and a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional. I've spent years trying to find the secret to a repeatable and dependable golf swing. I'm not delusional, I'm not trying to join the PGA Tour. I'm just trying to have more fun. I want to hit the golf ball solidly to maximize my potential, and have a level of predictability so that I can focus on playing golf, and not obsess about the mechanics of my golf swing. 

Inspired by my obsession to find a repeatable and dependable golf swing, I have decided to venture into the world of sports medicine and performance research. I have worked with a number of golf instructors, traveled for golf instruction, read countless books and magazines, scoured the YouTube landscape, and spent hours beating golf balls at the practice range. I have played to as low as a 2 and currently playing at a 4. I have dared to say that "I found it" several times over the last 25 years, only to have then lost it again! In my professional life, golf has pointed me in the direction of sports injury management, prevention, and performance. I have recently completed my Level 2 Sports Medicine track with the Titleist Performance Institute under the guidance of Dr. Greg Rose, PGA instructor Dave Phillips, TPI Fitness Advisory Board Member Lance Gill, Strength, and Conditioning coach Jason Glass, PGA instructor Mark Blackburn, and Functional Movement Systems founder Gray Cook Physiotherapist. I have also completed a Level 2 certification with Swing Catalyst under the guidance of Dr. Scott Lynn. I also hold additional certification with Boditrak sport and the Skilled Coaching Alliance. 

Now I'm ready to help you maximize your potential. Let me help you explore your tendencies, and establish your ideal setup, using real-time, accurate, reliable, and actionable data. Experience the difference!